Saturday, March 28, 2015

All is well...


Wow! Sounds like you have everything planned out for me when I get home.

Looks like Walker is a ladies man all he seems to have is girls for friends... Uhh ohh...

Wow! tons of weddings... I guess it's kind of like when Casey's group all decided to get married haha!

The registering for classes did'nt work out too well sadly... I had everything planned out and it was good but when I went on this morning my plans showed up as void ..... ugh! so I had to try and get some things together. I let Connor know and I trust he will figure it all out for me.

This week was quite interesting though.
One of our star investigators has been planning on getting married and went to the marriage office and everything (multiple times) Longs story short, they got the marriage license, they will be married soon.

Another couple we are teaching that have been planning on marriage but could just not commit themselves are now going to be having a child together and decided they want to be married before they have a child. So we will help them get that figured out.

So that is mainly what I am going through right now. We had a baptism set for this weekend but he did not come to church this Sunday so I do not think that is going to happen. Maybe next week....

All is well over here though.. Today I have to submit a bunch of pictures and answer some questions for a returning home thing the mission does.

Elder Schroeder

WOW I feel like I don't even have anything to say...
Glad registration for school worked out!

This week was zone conference and it was great! Elder Cornish of the Seventy was our main instructor. He mainly spoke on the atonement and applying that to ourselves. He went through a huge list of scriptures and spoke about all of them... Makes you wonder what the prophet is like, or I should say receiving instruction from the prophet.

After that this week was really really slow... We had so many appointments fall through and it felt like nobody was home. That's alright though we still got 20 something lessons and we will be having a wedding soon. I probably would have been able to tell you the date but the investigator to be married got stuck babysitting on Sunday so she couldn't talk to bishop about a possible date. She does want to be married before I leave though so it will happen. Hopefully we can squeeze a baptism in there too!

We also had ward conference this week which was great! The last hour President Gould spoke about self reliance which was fantastic. Definitely something the people need. (myself included) haha!

We were supposed to have members out with us numerous times this week but pretty much all of it didn't work out. Which stinks to say the least, but next week will be better!

Not too much from this end except you guys might want to go online and buy my books for my classes. They are really cheap if you can get them used and they are available right now.
Elder Schroeder

p.s. love the leprechaun pictures!!! haha how did you get the footprints so good!!!

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