Sunday, April 5, 2015

One of 84,000...


Most of my clothes are pretty well done. I will be giving them to members or missionaries .. I will bring two slacks home a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt. My shoes are all done... lets just say they are holy shoes.... 

It is so strange that it is all coming to an end .... 

Being one of the 84,000... It has been a wonderful time serving the Lord with all my faculties, at times the work can be hard and at times the opposite but the overall feeling has been a full one. I can truly say to myself I have served the Lord with all my heart these past two years and I know I have trusted in him to convert those I have taught. 

You really can feel the work hastening, being right in the middle of it. I have only had two years to compare but I see it moving upward quickly. I had a conversation with the President of the Carribean area (of the Seventy) He said "the time is soon coming when we will not be moving and teaching from individual to individual but from congregation to congregation." we will be teaching the masses soon enough. It has happened in the past but now it will happen on a much greater scale and I feel it. I have been part of the preparation for that great time. The missionaries of the future are going to have to be something great! That is for sure, but the Lord is saving his elect and they will be brought forward, if they have not already. I am excited to see the great things I have done by the power of God as they grow in the time to come. 

This week was just normal we had plenty teaching and we should have a marriage and a baptism in between sessions of conference on Saturday! yes! So look for pictures!!! 

I think thats it for me this week.. I have got a good handful of souvenirs but a couple more things to get .. and I will definitely be cooking for your guys some curry and bus-up-shut..
Things I will need: 
plenty oil
baking powder
garlic (fresh cloves)
salt and pepper
chicken (bone in) leg and thigh would be perfect
I will make one very spicy so you can see what thats like, and one without for the babies.... 

I will bring everything else :)
and tell scott I will be bringing some trini pepper sauce for him.

You guys can decide what to cook when I get back.

Elder Schroeder

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