Saturday, March 28, 2015

All is well...


Wow! Sounds like you have everything planned out for me when I get home.

Looks like Walker is a ladies man all he seems to have is girls for friends... Uhh ohh...

Wow! tons of weddings... I guess it's kind of like when Casey's group all decided to get married haha!

The registering for classes did'nt work out too well sadly... I had everything planned out and it was good but when I went on this morning my plans showed up as void ..... ugh! so I had to try and get some things together. I let Connor know and I trust he will figure it all out for me.

This week was quite interesting though.
One of our star investigators has been planning on getting married and went to the marriage office and everything (multiple times) Longs story short, they got the marriage license, they will be married soon.

Another couple we are teaching that have been planning on marriage but could just not commit themselves are now going to be having a child together and decided they want to be married before they have a child. So we will help them get that figured out.

So that is mainly what I am going through right now. We had a baptism set for this weekend but he did not come to church this Sunday so I do not think that is going to happen. Maybe next week....

All is well over here though.. Today I have to submit a bunch of pictures and answer some questions for a returning home thing the mission does.

Elder Schroeder

WOW I feel like I don't even have anything to say...
Glad registration for school worked out!

This week was zone conference and it was great! Elder Cornish of the Seventy was our main instructor. He mainly spoke on the atonement and applying that to ourselves. He went through a huge list of scriptures and spoke about all of them... Makes you wonder what the prophet is like, or I should say receiving instruction from the prophet.

After that this week was really really slow... We had so many appointments fall through and it felt like nobody was home. That's alright though we still got 20 something lessons and we will be having a wedding soon. I probably would have been able to tell you the date but the investigator to be married got stuck babysitting on Sunday so she couldn't talk to bishop about a possible date. She does want to be married before I leave though so it will happen. Hopefully we can squeeze a baptism in there too!

We also had ward conference this week which was great! The last hour President Gould spoke about self reliance which was fantastic. Definitely something the people need. (myself included) haha!

We were supposed to have members out with us numerous times this week but pretty much all of it didn't work out. Which stinks to say the least, but next week will be better!

Not too much from this end except you guys might want to go online and buy my books for my classes. They are really cheap if you can get them used and they are available right now.
Elder Schroeder

p.s. love the leprechaun pictures!!! haha how did you get the footprints so good!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Great week!! Sad to leave:(

That service project looks like alot of work! good job. Too bad you injured your hand again(as the west indians would say- your hand includes your whole arm) 

Sounds like a fun little cruise .. I can't believe they have been married that long! That is wild! It is weird to think that is the point I could be at in 10-12 years... Crazy! 

This week was great! We had 7 investigators lined up to come to church 2 were there on time! 2 others showed up just over an hour late, and the last three ride's fell through, sadly... but that  shows you how many sweet people we are teaching right now! We should have some baptisms very very soon and you will get some pictures of those! 

The most solid one coming up is "J"! The  21st he should definitely be ready by then! I am excited for him. The others will probably fall a bit later .. perhaps even after I am home, so I might get some pictures later on of those! 

Elder Haderlie and I are having a blast though .. we have got plenty work to do these last couple months and I am glad Elder Haderlie is the one to kill me. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. To tell you the truth if I was with anyone else I think I would probably be super trunky! He  is definitely keeping me focused! 

I am excited to see you guys but sad to leave.. I am going to miss this very much!!  

Elder Schroeder

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Staying focused!


Wow! Casey is having a girl! .. or i should say Joy is having a Girl! ... I bet you are all already going nuts about names! That is super cool you got to sit next to Russel M Nelson! I bet that was fun .. and you served him! haha... This week was actually really good! We had several commitments for baptism with some people that we are teaching. 

Carnival was pretty fun actually .. Monday we had a sports activity with the ward (president gave us permission) and we played cricket and football (soccer) and got absolutely fried by the sun! I have got blisters on my bottom lip ... it is soo bad.... but it will heal soon enough. On Tuesday, we had to stay in and just played a bunch of card games and stuff, it was very relaxing. 

One sweet family we have got right now is the "J" Family .. I think I wrote about them last week. We just taught them the Plan of Salvation and they understood most of it. We will probably try and watch some videos with them next to keep the whole family a little more involved. Another couple who is soon to be married went to the beach for the weekend so hopefully they were able to avoaid some of the wickedness out there... It seems that what most trinis do to avoid the whole carnival thing.. either that or they just stay inside. 
Something  a little different this week .. Elder Brown (my past companion and now zone leader) was Emergency transferred on Sunday so now we are in a Tri-panionship for the meanwhile...that means I am now in a car! yay! Back to a car! Our ward mission leader has been doing a good job of arranging splits for this week so that we each can work in our area so it shouldn't effect us too much this week. Things will be back to normal soon anyway, cause transfers are just around the corner.
I think that is it form me...
 Love, Elder Schroeder


wow .. I got my travel plans .... super trunky..... But staying focused:) 

This week was great! 
It was a little slow kick starting our area after not being in it for two days but we have now got it back up and running. This Sunday was great! We have 3 investigators at church and we made leaps and bounds with them. The two I am most excited areca couple that are planning on getting married probably in about two weeks! Then they can get baptized! yes! 

We are going to begin teaching our landlady again this week. She had family in town and could not meet with us cause they had tons going but now they are gone and she has got plenty of time. So let see if we can baptize our landlady before I go home.. she might take a little more time though but we will see. We will be teaching her about baptism this next time. She is pretty curious about it cause she really doesn't know anything about it. Once she learns about it she hopefully will be gung ho! 

One thing I think I forgot to mention is that we have a new key indicator .. we no longer report our number of contacts or member referrals but we now report less actives reactivated. That is quite the change right at the end of my mission. A less active reactivated is defined by a less active having at least attended twice for the month and is in communication with the Bishop ie. interview, visit, etc. The goal is for the missionaries to shift their focus a bit towards retaining recent converts and reactivating less actives. The numbers will be small but it should help us turn our attention towards that a bit more. 

Elder Haderlie and I are having a blast down here, getting along great and having some good fun! It should be a fun last transfer with him! 

By the way, I love that name for the baby!  I couldn't imagine any other name! 

We did have a baptism .. the zone leaders baptized two. One younger child in a part member family and a sweet 26 year old named "P" he has got to be the most prepared baptisee I have ever met! We took him out teaching yesterday and he was already teaching and testifying to everyone he met! He is great! and he know the strangest stories from the bible! 

Wow Hunter has already got a kid .. that is weird.... 

i think thats it from me!

Elder Schroeder


Thank you for all the birthday messages and things! 

I don't think I have too much to say this week and the space bar on this computer is driving me nuts so it might be a little short today. 

Good news about registering for classes! the registration for classes opens march 16th at 6:00 am that happens to be on a Monday! and since there is a time difference I don't even have to wake up early. So I will be able to register for classes right on time! 

Wevdid meet this awesome guy this week named K" he is a cricketer from Barbados! He is down in Trinidad for cricket and he is awesome! We shared the restoration with him and you should have seen his face. He was awestruck and he is excited to find out it is true. We will be teaching him for the second time tonight and he has invited a friend to join us that he thinks will be interested! That's what I'm talking about! 

Sadly, this week many of our baptismal dates have dropped off. We have tons of great people to teach, it has just been proving very hard to meet with them this week. Hopefully, things change this next week and we will be able to meet with them. 

The next baptism I think we will be having is "J" he is 14 and is very excited about the gospel. It seems he has got great support around him. He is excited! 

Just working hard finding and teaching!! 

I think that is it from me.

Elder Schroeder