Monday, February 9, 2015

Lots of Teaching!!


That's  too bad about dads tooth! Modern medicine is a miracle! A couple hundred years ago he probably would have died! We have got so much to be thankful for! 

I am also glad Joy is feeling better too being sick for that long sure would stink.. I bet she never wants to get pregnant again! 

This week has been awesome! Elder Haderlie and I have taught tons of people this week! We taught 32 lessons this week! We did have some slow days however .. from about 1-3 pm couva is a ghost town! Everyone is working! I just wonder how the missionaries in the states feel! 

Our ward mission leader in couva is on fire .. he has been organizing and matching members with our investigators like no tomorrow! In fact the sunday after this one he is organizing for all four of us missionaries to go on our own split after church. He is on fire! We taught 7 member lessons with him yesterday alone! I am excited to see what kind of fruit the Lord will bless this ward with because of his diligence! 

Sorry, i would have more to write but  I forgot my little note sheet back home.. you would think that since i m the one who created the emailing notes i would be able to recall all of my ideas but i guess not.... 

Carnival is coming up soon! That will be a fun two days with 6 Elders in my apartment .. I wonder what will happen....should  be fun. 

Here are some pictures.. :)

Elder Schroeder

1)bedorrom and bathroom
3)elder haderlie!!!!! and our kitchen


This week was a great week! Elder Haderlie and I have been to business down here we had 34 lessons this week! All the other numbers were about the same, so we are getting some great work done down here! 

We have some sweet investigators that are coming up on baptism .. We have got one that should be baptised on the 14th of the month and two are three that should be baptised the next month! booyah! 

This Sunday we had a special broadcast from Church headquaters specifically to the Carribean area. I found it interesting what they spoke about .. they spoke a lot of marriage and faith to perform your callings. The young womens president spoke and Elder Anderson of the Seventy along with Elder Holland and Boyd K. Packer. It was good to say the least. We had four investigators there to see it!  

The bikes we have are actually petty good they are in the about $400 dollar range made by trek. We couldn't get my seat to move up until just the other day when a guy with a pipe wrench lent us a hand ... that was fun .. only problem now is that it is just a smidge too high haha. 

About room up at school if Scott and Sid are still up there I wouldn't mind living with them, if I have a moed of transport. Then again, I would really like to live in an apartment. I asked Connor what he thought so I guess we will see ... I think i would rather live at some housing .. I did like somerset. But if you can find a deal at a nicer one (close to school) I am fine with that, roommates possible Ryan Payne .. thats all I can think of right now. possibly Christopher Esteves .. I don't know if he will be at school then? 
Elder Schroeder

It is just a two man apartment me and Elder Haderlie. I don't really know what the 6 of us will do but we have been approved by president Mehr to go to a sports activity our ward is having just down the street from our apartment. That will be carnival Monday so that is what we will do that day .. the next day .. no idea probably just lime in our apartment Due to carnival we will probably be emailing Wednesday, I am not too sure though. 

Toby is getting married in the temple .. this is the same Toby I know?!?? wow props to him! Very Exciting!!! 

This week was really just normal .. there was one thing out of the ordinary.. I got an email listing "pre-depatrture Questions" ughh.. I think you can probably expect an email this week with an itinerary....... 

We do have 9 dates set this week! 6 of which we set yesterday with an awesome family. I will just say the the father, mother (married) :) about 6.5 million children, a brother and his best friend ... Wow! so that was exciting. They keep telling us that they have wanted to get baptised for a long time they have just not really had the opportunity. So we explained the entire process along witht the doctrine of baptism and they all seemed very receptive and excited! 

We have some others that we are teaching and have commited to baptism 

The last date we have is a rasta man .. I really want to baptize this guy! I have yet to baptize a rasta man! that is definitely on my missionary bucket list! 

Other than that not much to say! All is well down here, we had a busy week! 

Elder Schroeder

yes!! hammock in the Caribbean 

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