Sunday, January 18, 2015

New area...Couva Trinidad!

Well I am being transferred to... Couva! with an Elder Haderly! Couva is just south of where I am .. it's about a half hour drive. I no longer have a car but I will be rolling around on bikes... miserable.... I just hope they have mud flaps and are in good operating order.. I will have to fix that if not. Apparently there are tons of Hindus down there and it is city like (very little bush) 
It is going to be fun for three months to have a little change of venue but I'm sure going to miss the members up here. All of them were saying "what you are leaving, but you have been here so long." 
I am pretty sure almost everyone said that. I really set up shop here it's like I was just part of the scenery. Good thing I have a great replacement! Elder Church - I have no doubt you will meet this guy later on! Definitely, one of my best buddies down here! 
I am also not a zone leader anymore, getting rid of the old ones, so they can call new ones. It has been a great and I was able to help a good amount of missionaries! I am glad I was ready to respond to the call. Now I have got a new one with Elder Haderly oh yeah I think he is also from California but I don't know what part, and he has only been out about 3 months! That will be quite the change... I hope he is a good teacher already..... 
President Mehr called and the first thing he said to me is, "you are coming to the end of your mission now" - it is very surreal that it all is coming to a close. It will be so weird to be a "returned missionary" 
I have got tons of work to go and many ways to do it .. this is the sprint time now!!!!!! 
Elder Schroeder
1- this morning with hopkins church and beck (not in that order)
2- studies at the beach this morning after a run! 
3- no explaination needed

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