Monday, January 27, 2014

Loving the work!

Jan. 13, 2014
This week has been super great! Elder Pierson and I have been more busy than ever!!

This week has been filled with loads of appointments and finding. We found 2 brand new less active families this week. The "L" family and the "B" Family all we had was opaque directions on where they live - at best. We found them and made great friends with them, we hope to see some great success getting them back to church.

Also with Sylvia, she has given us so many referrals and we can barely even keep up with her. She has referred us to family, friends, associates, people she met on the street and everything. It is seriously impressive, and now that she has the gift of the Holy Ghost she is learning more than ever! she is extremely smart! it is very exciting to see a recent convert just begin to blossom. She is making great friends with people in church it is a joyous time.

Here is a miracle story for the week. We got a contact during that huge storm on Christmas eve (we pushed their car out of 2 1/2 feet of water).  We hadn't called her yet, so we were having a slow couple hours on Tuesday so we decided to make some phone calls.  When we called there was about 1 minute of strait up elation! She was so happy we called! She actually was thinking about us that very day and how much she wanted to visit the church! ... She came to church on Sunday and immediately made friends with the Relief Society president because of a sewing project that will be happening. We hope to be able to visit her home this week and teach her.

President Mehr has got some new things for us to memorize, the Articles of Faith and another chapter of the Book of Mormon. If you haven't been keeping track of all this here is the list so far.

Articles of Faith, D&C 121: 34-46, D&C 31: 3-7, D&C 4, Ether 6: 3-12, 3 Nephi 12, Alma 33

quite a bit......wow! The last three are the ones I was able to choose, the others are what everyone has to memorize. You guys should do it too ;)
Just having a good time here in St. Lucia! Teaching and preaching the Gospel.

Elder Schroeder

and I have seen 101 cruise ships

Jan 20, 2014
That sounds like a miserable weekend for Mom. I'm glad she is feeling a little better now!

About memorizing the scriptures, Heavenly Father has definitely given me a gift for memorizing (at least individual scriptures) multiple verses are hard. But that is going great! I have also decided to memorize Mosiah 14 among the list.

The work here is going great! We have about half a million of people to teach right now:) We had to during our weekly planing write them down on a piece of notebook paper cause we couldn't keep track of them all in our planners. Right now we are having a hard time getting people to act. As always... we invite and invite and invite but most of them just never act,  but hey sooner or later somebody will.

Sylvia is doing great right now. The branch president interviewed her on Sunday and called her to be the institute teacher! It is amazing! She is super excited! She has many visions and things and I am absolutely convinced that they are from God - you should hear them, she has some of the greatest faith I have ever seen in my life. The reason I say that is because about a month and a half into teaching her she said she was praying and she felt inspired that she was going to be a teacher soon. Well, now that is true! She is very ready! I am glad the branch has taken that step of faith to call her. Now she has everything she needs! A friend, a responsibility, and to be nourished by the good word of God. She also has become such a great missionary!

We just recently met two new people "C" and "B" we were only able to have a short 10-15 minute lesson with both of them (separately) but these are two extremely prepared people! They expressed to us just how confused they are by all that is out there and that they want to join a church that is true. "B" especially! She expressed that there should just be one church that is right for everyone! We read with her about Joseph Smith and the spirit was so strong, I am positive it bore witness to her. We get to meet with them both again on Wednesday!

It has been a great week full of much of the Spirit. I have also been doing a much better job at working out I think I am almost back in shape! Great time! Loving the work!

Elder Schroeder

Jan 27, 2014
Sounds like you guys are doing great! Minus the arm, that really is too bad I hope it gets fixed too. If you were here you could just get some Panadol with codeine at your local shop... haha :/

My razors are holding up great they work really good, I am extremely thankful for them! As for a birthday gift there really isn't anything I need. I might just go on Deseret and buy myself the Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage.  I am going to do that after transfer calls though in case I get sent somewhere else. Calls are not this Saturday but next Friday-Saturday so you might want to hold off on a package until then. Truthfully though if you want to get me the best birthday gift ever you could just put money in my account to help with the ring fund. haha... but seriously

I wasn't even trying to get a rise out of you ... but it did that was fun!
It's very interesting you say that you were praying for your husband for a long time before. I have been doing the same (but for the wife) and I feel she is doing the same. Weird topic ... haha

I have one request for my birthday. I would like you to take some quality pictures from home and put them on my drop box... things like the pictures I have drawn (Harrison Ford, the barrel of the wave, the carnation etc...) I always want to show my companions but I don't have any pictures.

Anyway to the good stuff now the work this week has been busier than ever. We taught 34 lessons this week! I think I have broken my record, although it is not about number but that is how in part we measure our effectiveness. We had a pretty great week! Just working with all the new people we met last week. We have 5 baptismal dates right now, one for the 15 of February and one for the 22nd.

A family I am specifically excited for is the family of "E" she has a son who is about 23 and a daughter who's about 20. The way we met this family was really a great miracle. We were at Sister Marius' house for lunch (which there was none) and we sang a song for her. Just as we were about to start the lesson she stopped us and said "just now" she picked up the phone and called her neighbors over. When her neighbors came in she introduced us and then bore an extremely powerful testimony about how she joined the church and the truth of what we are here to teach. After that we had their utmost attention! We have spoken to her neighbors a number of times but they never appeared very interested. We taught them the restoration and since then we have taught them 3 times, they are tremendously excited to come to church (She had to travel to Martinique for two weeks so they are going to come when she gets back) anyway I am excited for them. It really is a great testimony to me of just how effective member work is. We never would have been able to impact their minds with the efficacy, we did with the aid of Sis Marius.

We also taught a man and his wife. He is one of those guys that just never listens to any religious people because of the great hypocrisy he has seen. In fact the moment we started talking his wife, he got up and walked down the street, but as he was walking down the street he felt a whisper tell him to go back. A spiritual experience in relation to us without ever having met us! As he came back he heard us talking that how one could find out the truth for themselves, the moment he heard this he knew we were different. He then came over to listen, we had a great spiritual experience with him and he now believes Joseph Smith is a prophet and everything. He has yet to pray about what we have said but he said he "knows the truth when he hears it" we are going to begin focusing on the Book of Mormon with him! It is great to see the many small miracles throughout the day!

Anyway those are a few stories for the week. I love you guys and hope you have a great week. Hope you feel better mom and I wish you luck with learning the new software Dad.

Elder Schroeder

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