Monday, February 10, 2014

Transfer week...

February 3, 2014

Yeah twenty years old a fifth of a century ... don't think too hard about that one... it amazing how fast time goes by... soon I will find myself another fifth of a century down the road. The rate at which I have gotten to this point seems incredible. Life really is short...

Anyway as for birthday package a couple pairs of socks would be nice the ones we got at Clark's with the lifetime guarantee are practically bulletproof and your feet never even start to smell with them. Gray and black would be the needed colors the socks I have now are beginning to look sad they will probably last another 4-5 months.

Now that the business is over! The work this week has really been trucking along. Sylvia is doing great! She is a great missionary! She continues to share the gospel with all those around her! In addition to her we have found 13 new investigators this week. In the past couple months I have really noticed the difference between being obedient and consecrating your life to the Lord. The Law of consecration is real and the members of this church live that law in degree. Missionaries are really a great example of that. However distracted a twenty year old can get most really do sacrifice all of their time talents and energy to serving the Lord. (at least in this mission)

I really have been blessed to serve around the elect the missionaries here are so great! They all try so hard to do what is right and be obedient. I also feel our mission president is the best of the best, I am sure almost every missionary feels that way but I feel he is!

To tell you a little about what happened this week. We met a man with one leg this week named "P" and he seems like a great guy! You should have seen the way his eyes lit up as we shared with him the Joseph Smith story! We get to teach him again tonight for the second time. He doesn't live that far from the church so I hope he is willing to crutch the short distance to church.

We also met a lady named "C" who in fact was contacted by the missionaries north of us about a week ago. She seemed very excited to meet with the missionaries but when they tried to call her back there was some problem with her phone so she couldn't answer. She was sad that it didn't work out but a miracle happened and we sowed up at her doorstep! It is amazing that the Lord led us to her  great!!!

Well, I love you guys and I look forward to hearing from you next week. Have a great week and feel better mother or as Christ would say "Woman"

Elder Schroeder

February 10, 2014

Sounds like you guys are having a great time there! any rain yet?Exciting to hear about the bug I can't wait to see pictures! and drive it :)

It is transfer week and I am transferring. I am flying back to Trinidad on Wednesday and I will be the district leader in a place called Valencia... it is a relatively new area with 2 members and we will be holding church in our apartment again. Group leader, district leader, new area ready for the challenge! It seems as though I have been chosen to tread the hard path on my mission. I will have gone to three new areas now. New areas can be difficult, anyway I love it! Nothing less than a challenge would be fun. Oh yes, my companions name is Elder Brown never met him.

My address will just be the same one I had in Trinidad previously I believe it is PO bag 543 Valsayn Trinidad.

It is sad to leave all the places I have served in so far. I have loved this one the best.  It is sad to leave Sylvia but she is in good hands, Elder Pierson will do great! His new companion is Elder Smith who just came back from he States cause he blew his knee out a couple months into his mission.
Hopefully he does good with all of the walking in this area.

Well this week went very well! We taught a large amount of very good lessons to a lot of people. I am specifically excited for a lady we have been teaching, she is brilliant! She has picked up the Book of Mormon (on her own really) and read starting at the book of Alma all the way through chapter 5! She understands very well. Only problem is the law of chastity .... :(  well if she really wants it, she will change.

Another person I am particularly excited about is a lady named "C".  She basically lives up the staircase of doom. We have to walk up a million stairs to get to her house. Regardless she is awesome, we are helping her learn to use the bible better and we are also basically teaching her everything from the beginning. Just as Ammon taught king Lamoni we literally did start at the beginning, her understanding is limited but she has great faith and keeps her commitments! That is the most important thing! She will continue to progress if she keeps it up. Elder Pierson has got his work cut out for him. 

Ahh! I have one very interesting story for you guys... healed somebody this week! His name is "B" I think I told you about him a couple weeks ago. HE is a great guy and basically he hangs on every principle we teach him. Well about two-three weeks ago he fell sick.. really sick... he basically couldn't do anything he was in so much pain. He explained it as though it felt like there was something inside eating his stomach. So because he was so sick we didn't have a lesson with him for awhile, and then one day we stopped by and he was outside laying on a bench, we had a lesson with him (still sick) in the middle of the lesson (the plan of salvation) we talked a little about faith and as we were talking about him I felt the spirit tell me to give him a blessing and declare that he would be healed according to his faith in the name of Jesus Christ. So I did just that (this all happened on Wednesday) and we went back on Friday and he said his pain is totally gone. He woke up Thursday morning with marginal pain. Pretty cool!

Amidst all of this I have been studying a bit about when Christ healed people on many occasions he forgave the man/woman their sins first and then pronounced them free of their physical ailments. On a couple occasions he stated go and sin no more lest a worse fate will befall you -paraphrased, I hope he repents ("B" that is) I fear if not, a worse fate will overcome him.

Quite a great week .. sad to go but I must ... Christ actually taught some very interesting parables about how his servants will be required to move from field to field when they are called in their time of labor. He truly was and is a master teacher.

Love you guys so much and have a great week! Good luck with your surgery consultation.

Elder Schroeder

                                                               dock at pigeon point st. Lucia 

                                                               big cannon on pigeon point

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