Monday, January 6, 2014


The Baptism worked out great! The flight came on time! It really was a miracle! We arrived in St. Lucia at 4:09 and since all the missionaries are legal immigrants there were no hangups at immigration (that has been a relatively new initiative of the mission) We ran to the church, got changed picked up the investigator and got at the beach at 5:15! Right on time!! We had a great baptism and "S" bore a great testimony about the workings of the Lord in her life. She said, " when I came to Church the first time, I felt like I had come home" that really is a testimony to me that the Lord truly is preparing people for the gospel. 

It is pretty funny now.. we have two recent converts that basically teach the gospel principles class. The first being "T" and the latter being "S". It is amazing how much they have come to know in just the short period of time they have been taught. Now we need to teach them both about eternal marriage and get them married in the temple!

Elder Pierson and I have a lot of work ahead of us... in this transfer. We hope to help her daughter and brother and friends. They each have a new years resolution to change their lives - towards God. One of them is a little more specific than that... hear this, his resolution is to get married and be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

All of this because of "S"! She is a great missionary! Oh yeah there is one more her sister and her husband, they are great people! It really is a testimony builder to me that those you associate with really do make who you are. Almost every night she gathers a group of people together in her little shop and talks about Jesus Christ and his Gospel. She is doing house meetings without us even telling her to. It is really quite fun because the group of people together come up with the greatest questions that they don't know the answers to, and then we are there to answer them. So it has turned out that this large group of people really look to us (two white missionaries) for guidance and wisdom, it is great! The missionary work is doing great here!

And about that miracle in the mail sounds to be a more Merry Christmas than you could have hoped for. That just doesn't happen on its own. That is a miracle! Really is quite picturesque .. you probably could make a movie about that. It nearly brought tears to my eyes reading that story. Just don't forget to thank the Lord and thank Him a lot, I am sure you have already!

Love you both have a great week!

Love, Elder Schroeder

Zone Conference in St. Vincent

 view out of the senior couples apartment

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