Monday, September 16, 2013

Meeting great people!

Wow you gave me a lot to respond to.. Firstly, Elder Palmer and I both have our pedigrees so we are going to have to check that out and yes he lived in Logan for a while. I wouldn't doubt if we were related we look pretty similar and he could basically have been the fourth member of Connor, Wes and my gang haha. Needless to say we get along super well. Elder Palmer and I have basically decided we are long lost brothers. We are pretty much exactly alike. We are also pretty sure we are related he says he is related to the lady in the movie 17 miracles who puts the two biscuits in the dutch oven and is able to feed her family. I just can quite recall if that happened to Patience, I am about 80% sure it is. Verification would be nice.

This week has been awesome! One cool story is that Elder Palmer and I went out one morning to walk around the point, to see if there are people living around the other side.  We started walking and decided its not a good use of time and that walking put us in a very strange area (strange meaning we never ever would have walked there by our own idea) and we started walking up a hill, we walked by a house and I felt prompted to call into this house. We called in and we met a guy named "G"! He is awesome! He is definitely the future branch president here in Soufriere. After we had an awesome lesson with him (and committed him to baptism on the 5th of October) We left and Elder Palmer said he also was urged/prompted to go call into this house. So that was awesome! He was the only one at church on Sunday.

Another cool story about simple service, it was night time and we walked by this house were a ~15 year old girl was washing, we offered to help. Usually everyone says no but she said yes.. we went to go help her, she only had one shirt to wash haha.  That got us talking to her parents and then her aunt and then her aunts son who's name is "K".  He is a guy we met our first day here in Soufriere and we couldn't get a hold of him, the Lord has really led us to these two men to start this area off!.. He didn't come to church (we don't know why yet) but he should also be baptized on October 5th along with "G" if we can get him to church.

About day to day living. It really is quite amazing how some people get by.. I just wonder to myself when I walk past a single mother on the street, who has about 4 mango's and a bag of mints for sale. One huge mango is about $2 (Eastern Caribbean) = (.74 US) and you can buy a mint for about 10 cents  (EC)= (.4 US) If she sold all that she had that day she would only make about $10 EC thats ($3.70 US) dollars.  Now a bag of flour that weighs about 3 pounds is about $6 (EC). I have no idea how some of these people make it, but they do. They definitely live from day to day.

Well, I think that is about it for the week. Having great fun here is Soufriere! We are going to Sugar Beach after we email and shop and things.

Elder Schroeder

To settle your thoughts in regards to nutrition... I have cooked 3 pies in the past 4 days haha! Actually Elder Palmer and I eat very well. Breakfast is usually either eggs and toast or pancakes or bacon/corned beef hash and lunch or dinner is anything form homemade mac and cheese to beef stroganoff ... We usually eat lots of rice. Rice is the best.

Also, that is exciting to hear that Aunt Rachelle and Trent are coming down to St. Lucia!  If you gave them a package it would definitely get to me. The entire island is one district so we go up there for trade offs pretty regularly.  I will make sure to let the zone leaders know, I actually might be doing a trade off in Castries with the district leader but it would be best if Aunt Rachelle just got a hold of the zone leaders, they would probably be more than willing to meet up with them .. Also, she could actually ask them where to go and what to do, so she doesn't get jipped off.

Well anyway, now for the important stuff... this week was a pretty trying week. Basically, throughout the week we had every day full of appointments and it just turned out that every single appointment (save a few) fell through. It also has rained consistently every day this week, and when an appointment falls through what we usually do is contact. We contacted for four hours one day and we literally got about 4 contacts and it was raining ... so that is basically was what our week was like - a lot of rejection. We did however have some good things happen, we met a boy named "D" - he is 15, and he is awesome. We taught him, his grandmother, and his older brother the restoration. You should have seen the way this kids eyes lit up when we talked about the first vision. After we taught him about that, we asked him what he was going to do and he just exclaimed, "we have to pray!" It was awesome to see a young man so excited for the things of God.

Sadly though we only had one person turn up at church this week, it was "D"! "G" however had a good excuse for not coming, he had a debate Saturday night up in Canneries or Dennery and he couldn't make it back in time to be there for church. (the buses here don't generally run on Sunday) We also had two other men that were going to come to church named "D2" and "M" as we were walking to pick them up for church, It began to rain and when we got to their house, they were nowhere to be found.

What you said about coming back in thirty years and being able to see the growth here makes me curious. It really would be exciting to see!

Oh yeah, today we climbed the Petit Piton it was super cool, and hot. It was definitely fun to get dirty again going hiking. It was a pretty ridiculous hike but I loved it! I also caught a big crab about halfway up the piton and I just happened to be a proper eagle scout, "be prepared!" I had the shoe laces from my old shoes in my backpack. So we tied the claws shut and threw it in a backpack. Let me tell you, this thing was strong, if it got a piece of you it for sure would have drawn blood and a lot of it. When we got to the bottom we walked past some shops and met someone we knew, so we traded the crab for 4 drinks. It was a pretty good trade if you ask me. Our original plan was to eat it but hey 4 drinks is enough for me. So that was fun!

P-Day Hiking Petit Piton

From the top, looking down on my area .... not too big...

Oh yes, we also moved our apartment today, it is a much better apartment bigger and better for sure, and the water doesn't taste weird.. I think... haha
Good week this week.

Elder Schroeder

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