Monday, September 23, 2013

Guess who I saw?

Sounds like Grandmas birthday was super nice let her know that I love her!

Elder Palmer has been out just about two years now, he goes home on October 10th. I haven't gotten my package yet, they gave it to the Zone leaders and I will be getting it from them tomorrow at district meeting. You actually wouldn't believe this. Elder Palmer and I had an appointment with someone who lives right on the main road (here in Soufriere) and we took a shortcut to get to it and right as we turned right onto the main road a car honked at us and two people waved. (I didn't really see them) and then the car stopped about 15 yards behind us. Guess who got out? Aunt Rachelle and Trent ... super weird to see them.. they just took a picture with me then told me about the package and went on their way .... So you will have to grill her with all the questions... that I am sure, you now have.

Anyway this week was pretty good:) We had quite a few lessons with some very good people but the church attendance was pretty disappointing. We were supposed to have about 10 or 15 people there and the morning of, they all called and cancelled... we ended up having one older lady show up for church which was good but disappointing. We should be able to get these people to go in future weeks but Elder Palmer and I won't be here on Sunday for two weeks. Since Elder Palmer and I are in a group here in Soufriere we have to go to our branch once a month so we be in Vieux Fort next Sunday. Then the Sunday after, we will be up in Castries for General Conference because Elder Palmer leaves a few days after.

We haven't really meet anyone new and exciting this week but we did have some extremely good appointments with a guy named "D" who is a scuba instructor for a hotel. He is a very bright guy and whenever we go by to have lessons with him, it is usually just a short 30 minutes of teaching then leave an assignment for him. Which is really what we are supposed to do. Then when we come back, he has done the assignment and grown a lot spiritually. It really is great to see someone who has such great desires for spiritual things - you don't find that here too often.

"G" is still doing pretty good. However, he has lost some of his seriousness in regards to acting on the message we have shared with him. I feel like with a little more effort on our part we can likely engender that same zeal for the gospel he once had.

It really is exciting for Connor to be training and be a district leader haha fun stuff ... I hope his Tagalog is good enough.

Elder Schroeder

This is the son of a cool family, they are fun .. they are taking us craw fish hunting today (fresh water lobster basically) and bamboo bursting. It works like a potato cannon just made of bamboo.The craw fish hunting works a lot like noodling - the only thing we basically have to worry about is leeches ;)

FYI- for those who don't know, Rachelle is my sister who was in St Lucia with her husband Trent. They were on a cruise and in port for the day, on their Honeymoon. I haven't even talked to her yet as they are due home late tonight. I sent a package for Kyle with them to give to the missionaries who serve in the city where the ship docks. Kyle is serving about an hour south. I'm excited to talk to her and see the pictures. Robin

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