Monday, September 30, 2013

Drool and Lemon Meringue Pie

Beautiful sunset in my area, Soufriere

As for here the work is going great! How you spoke about meeting some people that will hear something familiar when we teach, we have definitely found a couple of them. The most miraculous, is a lady named "S."

One day, we had a lesson at night up in a little area called Palmiste (its up on a hill) and we were walking through houses on the way down the hill. Usually, we don't talk to too many people at night because they don't normally like to be bothered (and half of them are drunk) but I saw two ladies sitting and talking to one another and I don't know what came over me but I just exclaimed HI! as we were walking by them, and that started the conversation. They were two nice older ladies by the name of "H" and "S". We just talked a little bit and set an appointment to come back and teach them. When we came back "S"explained to us that she has seen us pass her house often and whenever she saw us, she has wanted to talk to us but she was always to nervous to. She also mentioned that she wanted to do Bible studies with us ... so of course Elder Palmer and I forced our jaws closed and wiped the puddle of drool off the ground and taught her the restoration. She and her friend "H" loved it! We shared a lot of scriptures with them and every time we shared a new one they just exclaimed things like "wow! we have never heard that before" or "where was that scripture I have never heard of that" after the lesson we left a pamphlet with them, and invited them to pray and ask God if what we taught today was true.

We came back a few days later and had another lesson (just with "S" this time) and we asked her if her prayer had been answered and she said , "YES SHE KNOWS THAT JOSEPH SMITH WAS A PROPHET."....... wow............. more drool to clean up. Anyway she is super excited to be baptized into the church. She just has to come to church which is difficult since we aren't having church in Soufriere for another two weeks. I have no doubt she will be baptized though. This is just one story, we have quite a few others. This area could be GREAT!!

As for where Elder Palmer will be going home to, it is a little town attached to Logan, Utah. 

Yes, we do take a bus to Vieux Fort or Castries and we do have to stay for the weekend cause we can't get buses back on Sundays, it is impossible.

This week has been pretty great! Got to meet a lot of cool new people and get some good teaching done. Also, I taught the Hippolytes a member family that lives in Choiseul, how to make a lemon meringue pie - thanks to Grandma Schroeder I can do that (and yes the crust I make is very, very good)  

Also, this weekend I taught the branch presidents wife how to make pie, so the Branch President loves me now - he is a man that loves to eat.

Thank you guys for all your support and love.
Elder Schroeder

P.S. Here is a picture of the pie I made (that should make grandma proud - and yes the recipe came all out of my brain)

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