Monday, April 7, 2014


I did get to watch all sessions, L. Tom. Perry's talk rung out to me quite a bit where he spoke about who drives our team of horses. The Lord truly is the master conductor. I guess that's if you are an obedient horse or you could say if all of your passions are properly trained and bridled. I also enjoyed the talk about women and the priesthood it was interesting to hear him speak so frankly about it. That is one of the talks that will be referred to for many, many years to come as a source for much learning. April 2014 conference messages link

Before I go on, I need to see a picture of Madison, I also need Blake's email address!!!! Exciting!

My thoughts have really collected a bit this past week.  Elder Brown and I are still hard at work here. We still have a tremendous amount of Baptismal dates it is just so hard to get people to church. We do however have a great new family that should come next week and be well on the path to baptism. They all (especially the mother) have expressed a great desire to find a church to settle down into. After we taught them two times we called them to check up on them. You should have heard how excited they were to tell us that they read from the Book of Mormon. They basically exclaimed "we read what you asked us to, it was great, when you come back we will tell you all about it!!!" I am super excited for them!

Recently, I have been reading form the teachings of presidents of the church Joseph Smith and that book is incredible. Joseph Smith really was taught the doctrine of the gospel by angelic ministry. Powerful stuff. Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

I also have been working on memorizing a many scripture references to points of doctrine. I will have to take a picture of the sheet I am using, its pretty good information!Elder Brown and I have finally been starting to work with members more in this area. We have finally found out how to work it out since our area is so far away from most of the members.

To Dad - Paul is also one of my favorites. He had one of the greatest if not the greatest missionary ministry among mortal men. He is a powerful teacher.  I quote him all the time!

A little update about me right now. Right now I am working on getting my Trinidad drivers license, fun stuff!!!! haha.. I stood in line for over an hour today. I think that was the longest process, I'll have to send a picture, when I get it. Of all the time I have been driving here you would not believe the amount of "close calls" we have had. When I say close calls I think of driving back home. If you passed someone on a surface street back home and there was oncoming traffic, people would call you nuts. Also, squeezing through a gap were you have less than three inches on each side of the car is a daily occurrence. I am glad I learned to drive in California! I could only imagine coming here as an Idaho farm kid. The car would never move anywhere, haha... being able to proficiently parallel park has helped a lot too. I have only fell into one of the ditches on the side of the road twice!(with the car) proud to say! haha!

What talks did you guys specifically enjoy? and also I need a picture of all of you guys together. I don't think I have anything else to say. Be strong and of good courage I love you guys loads! Have a great week!

Elder Schroeder

Tuesday April 1, 2014
The mission truly is full of magnificent ups and downs... right now is really hard.  I love you guys and I also love the people out here. That's really it.

I really am learning what it is like to have your heart constantly pour out to God. I mean I have done it before but not this intensely. I know that everything is perfectly orchestrated for our progression and this is -part of it all. I have learned so much the past couple days.

Firstly, I want to know how my Love for the people here can become as strong as my love for my brother. If that were so I would be so much the better tool in my Lord's hands. Oh, I love Connor and I know that together we are unstoppable (that was actually a bit of revelation I received at one point of my life) Connor and I were together during the war in heaven and together we withstood ALL the fiery darts of the adversary (I mean all). We had each others back and we came to the Earth together because separate we would fail. We do however have each other and we will succeed.

Just hard at work here with Elder Brown. Loving the work!
I send my love!
Elder Schroeder

P.S. We did have a p-day switch cause it was a holiday yesterday (some spiritual baptist holiday) so all the email shops were closed.

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