Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Awesome week...

Hi Everyone,

... we went zip lining again! haha

                                                                  Zip lining with the Zone 

Anyway this week was awesome Elder Brown and myself had 21 new investigators! The Lord truly is pouring out his blessings upon this area. This work really is great! I have just been pondering something recently .. Everyone at church and all around says that the reason they obey the commandments basically revolve around two things. That is so they don't get punished and so they can receive blessings. I have just been thinking to myself about what horrible reasons those are. They are mainly our driving motive though.... I just think we should be obedient because we love our Heavenly Father and all our brothers and sisters ... Easier said than done ...

I love this work and I believe I will give up everything for it.  I hope that conviction grows as I get older.

About the work! Elder Brown and I have been super busy this week. Among all of this the area seventy and President Mehr have given us an initiative, we are to visit every single youth and YSA in the Ward by March 22 and have a report on each and every one of them turned in by that date. And guess what I was the Lucky one chosen to write the report for the Sangre Grande ward! whoohoo! I actually am really excited. (don't worry I have enlisted the aid of my companion)

Other than that we should have some baptisms coming up on Saturday! Three possibly, I sure hope they feel prepared by then. They are doing a great job, they have been eating up the lessons! and two of them have quit smoking.  If they can but endure they will be baptized Saturday so pray for them and you receive some pictures on Monday of Baptisms!

After this baptism we hope to have one about every week, we have been working super hard at just getting out and getting as many people as we can progressing towards baptism! I sure hope we can do so. I guess you will find out just now huh?

I am super excited to be here in Valencia for a while, it is a great area and I hope Elder Brown gets to stay here with me! We are best buds and we get work done! I feel we both have great desires for the work here and we know that we aren't the best but we just trust the Lord with the rest.

Well, I have a ton to write this week just not enough time to write. Sorry we had a kind of crazy p-day today, we are crunched for time.

Elder Schroeder

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