Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time is flying...

This week has been pretty great! We have 3 people that have a baptismal date for the 14th of December which is awesome. I feel that most of them will be ready by then, which is going to be awesome! The Lord has definitely blessed Elder Pierson and I with success here, we are so busy:) We don't have enough time to cover all of the people we are teaching,  it's crazy. I have even organized our days so we spend the whole day in one area, we have about 6-8 lessons set up everyday in a different area and at least three days in advance. It is stressful but at the same time its not, because we know what we are doing everyday, which is good!

I can't believe I have been out 7 months already! Time is really flying. I can assuredly see that I am out here to find those that will receive me, you can definitely waste a lot of time on people that don't really want to receive what you are saying. We had a man the other day,  try to spin a web around everything I said - and he was a smart guy, but the gospel is pure and simple,  doesn't lie and there are no holes in it! It was great to see just as Ammon and Alma were tested and tried by the judges that I can be tested and bear a simple testimony of truth to them!! It was really quite fun actually! haha

I love bearing my testimony it is the best! I also love teaching people no matter how intelligent they are.  It is great to see the light shine in their eyes as they learn the gospel,  no matter how simple the principle. The other day, yesterday in fact, Elder Pierson and I really didn't know what to teach this family (that loves us, but can just never remember what we teach) We decided to read the Book of Mormon with them and help them understand and the lesson went amazing! The Spirit took over and at the end, I bore witness that we (Elder Pierson and I were called by a prophet to come and teach them) and it finally clicked in their minds!!!! The people here are people of great faith! It is amazing to see the steps of faith they will take even though they have a lack of knowledge. It is also amazing to see once a person receives the gift of the Holy Ghost, how much they learn! The spirits job really is to teach you all things and to bring all things to your remembrance.

Well, I have to get going now. I love you mom and dad.  Thank you for all the support you have given me throughout my life - I know it wasn't always the easiest, and still may not be but I love you and thank you for everything.

Elder Schroeder

Opening a coconut, always happy and excited with a knife in hand.
still has all his fingers:)

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