Monday, November 11, 2013

Dream... and teaching!

For the Christmas package, it might be too late to throw this suggestion out but a collection of Mormon Tabernacle choir CD's would be the best, and not only the regular stuff like Consider the Lily's or Peace like a River the other good stuff too. They have CD's with songs like "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and the African songs in Lion King. Every companionship is given a CD player so I already have something to play it on. We are also allowed to listen to classical music - I am pretty sure dad has a pretty good taste in classical music so you should ask him about stuff - like Handel's Messiah and stuff. That's if you can fit those CD's in there. (I would rather have that than candy) Candy is pretty cheap here.

This week has been great! We have taught 26 lessons this week which is ridiculous in comparison to regular results. Elder Pierson and I have been all over the place teaching people, and amongst all of the lessons, we have some very solid people. One of them goes by "D". We met him while he was working in a house (doing construction) and we got his phone number and taught him later. He is great and he wants to be baptised, his understanding is strong and basically all he needs to do now is come to church.

I have one super cool story that I haven't told you guys yet.  Two weeks ago I woke up on Saturday morning and remembered a dream. I had a dream of a pretty beat up blue board house with a white door, one window on each side of the door and three decrepit concrete steps going up to the door. There was also a strange feeling associated with the dream as though I was going to be there that day, and because of this feeling,  I expected to find that house that day.  We had planned to go up into a new area that we had never been to before and about 3/4 of the way through the day I saw the same blue house so I called into the house. A person poked their head out a door along the side of the house and slammed the door shut as though they didn't want to see us. I was not going to take no for an answer though, this house had a shop along the side of it (just a little Mom and Pop shop) and I walked across the front yard and went into the shop and spoke to the guy in the shop.  His name is Mr."W" All we could do that day was give him a pamphlet and set up a return appointment. The return appointment was set up during Junior Creole and that day we got stuck at the branch Junior Creole party so we had to cancel. However, we got to teach him this week! The entire lesson wasn't going to well he just talked negatively about the "people who govern me (us missionaries)" He liked us but said he "didn't like our rulers." He kept saying this until we brought up Joseph Smith and the first Vision we also brought up how Joseph Smith was martyred many years later.  He felt the Holy Ghost as we taught him,  he is super excited to read the Book of Mormon and all the stuff we gave him! If I didn't have that dream earlier in the day, I would have definitely just left as soon as that door was slammed, its crazy and amazing how the Lord works!!

Anyway not much time left today. Love you all and thank you for all your support you have given me, and continue to give me.

Elder Schroeder

wait this is the last bit of info ... I went Zip lining today for P-day haha... who gets to do that on their mission?! 

I am glad Connor is safe! Yes, I heard about the super typhoon.  Saw it on the news when I was at an investigators house. It seemed as though Connor was on the edge of the predicted path so I figured he would probably be alright,  good to hear he is!

As for the amount of missionaries on the island there are 6 missionaries in Castries and there are 4 in Vieux Fort.

We haven't been able to teach Mr. "W" again yet. He wants to read a good amount of the Book of Mormon before he meets with us again, but we do stop by about twice a week to keep him going. He seems very interested in all of our messages. We have another sweet investigator named "J", the way we met him is we ran into his cousin "A" on the street and started talking to him, we set an appointment with him and met him at his house this week.  When we started the lesson he invited his cousin to join in. We taught the restoration and these two guys had loads of questions and all of them were answered by the restoration, it was great!  At the end of the lesson of course we invited them to pray, to find out if Joseph Smith really was a prophet and then set up a return appointment. When we came back "J" told us his story of how he prayed and how he felt, he definitely felt the Holy Ghost! He still has some doubts but those will be solved as he learns more! I am excited for him! As far as "A" goes, he is also great. He has a little Rasta Ideology so he is a little close minded but hey, if he prays he can get an answer too. So that is definitely exciting for this week. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday and they all enjoyed it, which also is great.

I am getting really good at budgeting on my mission that's for sure. Also, I saw a man with elephantiasis for the first time this week, it definitely made me much more conscious about mosquito bites (I rarely ever get bitten, so that's good) I also have finally decided my favorite story in the Bible its the story of Queen Esther you guys should definitely read it together this week, and think about why it might be my favorite story.

Anyway this week was great! Another set of missionaries had a baptism on Friday a man named "R" He had to stop a serious drinking problem to be baptized so props for that! He is really cool, he gave me a huge hug afterwards cause he recognized me. (I got to go and teach him once)

Could you send a pumpkin pie recipe (preferably from scratch) cause you can't get the canned stuff here. I can already do the crust. I just need the filling,  you can also send a chocolate cream pie and lemon cream pie one if you want also :)

I love you guys and I am excited to see what's in this Christmas package!  We are having barbecue on the beach this p-day!

Elder Schroeder 


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