Monday, June 10, 2013

Interesting & Awesome!

Last week was interesting on Friday (5/31) we got fed breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast by an investigator - while we doing service and digging a cesspit about 6 feet deep we had a type of roti that is kind of like a quesadilla. Lunch with a different family, we had coo coo with kingfish. And dinner with a someone in the ward we had Potato salad, macaroni pie, pelow, and Stewed Chicken, that was amazing. However, at about two in the morning Saturday night I woke up with food poisoning. I never threw up but laid in bed for about two hours not able to fall asleep. I finally fell asleep but when I woke up in the morning I felt exactly the same. I stayed in bed til about 7:30 :/ A cool thing about this experience though is that I prayed for strength to go throughout the day  and it was given to me. Pretty much all of our appointments fell through that day so we went to members houses to try and get some referrals. By and by Elder Salima and I ended up doing service by cutting bush for two hours, it was pretty interesting and fun.

Lots of opportunity to help people out.

This week has been pretty awesome! Today is the two month anniversary of me being on my mission.

P- day today 6/10/13 Maracas Falls

For the young women preparing to go on a mission really emphasize the first couple lessons in preach my gospel meaning the restoration, plan of salvation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you know these lessons deeply you can teach them simply. There is a saying that goes for students when they learn vocabulary - if you cant explain a word simply, you don't know it good enough. The same goes for the lessons in order to teach them simply you have got to know them inside and out.
The two teenagers we are teaching love the message we have and they really don't like the people that live around them - cause they are always drunk of doing other things. This is good cause it is hard to find youth who don't like to participate in those types of things here. They both want to know the truth really badly so its only a matter of time. We have taught the restoration to one of them and the other the restoration and the plan of salvation. Thank you so much for the idea of using the For the Strength of Youth. I didn't even think about it! If it isn't available to us at the mission office then we will just get one from church. By the way it is a young woman she's 17 and the young man is 15, they are cousins.

The work is going awesome here we just started teaching a kid, his dad is going to be baptized soon, the dad lives in Diego Martin and the son lives in our area so we get to teach him. It was pretty crazy how it worked out, we actually had been teaching the mom without knowing that the dad - who had been coming to church, was the father of her kids. When we asked if we could teach her son she gladly said yes. Getting permission to teach youth here is super hard. The kids are usually super excited about it but the parents don't trust us.

Yes, I am sleeping well because I work out every day! Who says you get out of shape on your mission.
Interesting fact the other day I was in a maxi and it had air conditioning and I actually pushed the vent away from me cause I was cold, it was still probably like 75 degrees in there haha.

To pops
Happy Fathers Day! You have been a great father and your guidance has always helped me - especially as I was growing up. I really appreciate the opportunity I had to work with you so much before I left on my mission, we got to do quite a lot together which I thought was pretty awesome. You have been a great father and I am sure you probably will continue to be ;) haha.

I feel like once you get the taste of missionary work and really get to teach someone, no matter how inexperienced you are, each missionary has something they can offer that another missionary can't. It really is awesome because after basically the first week every missionary in the district speaks with credibility. It is super hard to explain exactly what I am thinking. Anyway, I am loving the mission, even though it can be challenging. I also know that it is definitely changing my life. What would you say changed your life the most on your mission just curious??

Elder Schroeder (The Real #1)

P.S. I didn't really have time to tell you the crazy story this week but I should be able to share it next week.

FYI- you can look at Connor's post and you'll see there is a little rivalry between our boys. They both think they are #1. They actually are; Connor was 1st born by a whole 4 minutes and Kyle was the 1st to leave on his mission. I think they are both great!!

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