Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MTC and travel to Trinidad

We were so happy Kyle was able to call us this morning bright and early. He was the first group off to the Salt Lake airport at 3am, he said there were a lot leaving to make room for the missionaries coming tomorrow. There were 2 chartered busses, two "old folks home busses, and three vans." There would be more leaving a little bit later in the morning too. He had an amazing experience in the mission training center. He said, "The MTC is awesome! My companions name is Elder Gutierrez, he is from Phoenix, Arizona and we are super similar. We clicked right away and we have taught each other so much. I can already teach all four discussions without a hiccup, not only that, I have found I have a natural talent at connecting the lessons to their life. The spirit is so strong here and is the true teacher. I have learned so much in such a short time. I have already grown in my love for the people we will teach, I am so excited to get out there and teach them!!" His group will travel together there are 18 of them (2 French speaking and 16 English)
In our conversation this morning, I challenged him to find someone in the airport to take his and Elder Gutierrez's picture and text it to me. He said he had been talking to a woman this morning who was nice and her faith is baptist, he wanted to give her a pass along card (for those who don't know what that is, its a small card with a with a picture on it and a gospel message to invite them to learn more about Jesus Christ or other topics) I assume he continued to visit with her. The picture of the group is attached to this post and was sent within a few minutes of us hanging up and it was sent to 8 other missionary moms as well:) Made me happy! Kyle has always been comfortable talking to anyone of any age, it's not uncomfortable for him to talk with someone he doesn't know. No doubt, he is going to do just fine! Monday will be a day to look forward to for the next to years, thats the day he sends an email:)

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