Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lots of Teaching


The video did work:) and when I saw it was very curious as to who was doing the jumping. I am impressed that you and Sid had the guts to do that.. very impressed. (video was of us bridge jumping)

The weather this week was pretty good, very little rain except Sunday. We had real rain Sunday (as they would say here in Trinidad) it started raining about halfway through our lunch in our apartment, so after lunch we waited about 30 minutes and it didn't look like it was going to stop so we went out anyway. We only had one umbrella so I let elder Jamison use it, he doesn't like getting wet. Lets just say the rain was torrential and that is to say the least. The sidewalks we usually walk on had turned into rivers so we were basically waking in the middle of the road cause everywhere else was flooded. It was insane! Basically after less than a minute outside I was soaked to the bone. It was really fun though, to get to see what the streets are like when it rains that much.

This email is probably going to be a little shorter this week I hurt my wrists today... its a long story, but to say the least it isn't the most comfortable to type.

We don't have too many really solid new investigators this week other than the ones you have heard of already. Elder Jamison and I have just been focusing on doing a lot of member work here, We have been going by to visit the members and do service for them to gain their trust. It is super fun to get to know all the members here, to come to church and feel at home. The members here are awesome they offer to feed us all the time and if they have time they love to go out and teach with us. They bring food to us for after church. It is awesome! A sandwich here is bread with mayonnaise and chicken gizzards, or sliced up hot dogs or something.

This week has been awesome! We taught about 20 lessons and hit most of our goals. It feels good to work hard, the Lord definitely fills you with energy you didn't know you had when you do his work.

For p-day today we went to an old satellite on the top of one of the mountains here and supposedly it is the first satellite to ever send and receive a radio signal or something. I would like to hear more about it so you should look it up for me ;)

Well it sounds like you are having a ton of fun and so am I, have a great week. Love you guys.

Elder Schroeder

rainbow boa I caught!

another picture of the boa

This is alled a chennette, they call them different things on different islands
they are amazing and they taste like candy just like the thing Connor talked about,
and I didn't catch the snake, it was a members haha

Well that's awesome it sounds like you guys are having loads of fun and that necklace you made is awesome and I have many other flowers that I plan on sending they have some cool flowers here. I just sent a cool leaf this last week from a wonder of the world plant. It is supposed to grow anywhere you plant it, so you guys can have a plant from my mission!

The pair of bass shoes I got for my mission will probably have a hole in the bottom in about a month. What lots of missionaries do is just buy some here ... but they are super expensive and they don't last long at all. The best shoes I have seen are the ones from missionary mall I think they just call them missionary shoes. anyway the missionaries that have them just use the one pair for their entire mission. Elder Kramer who is going home in about a month has used one pair of those shoes for his entire mission and they are still going strong so they are really good. Also sunglasses I would really appreciate a pair because my eyes are dying.. Lots of missionaries here use them just when we walk from place to place. So I don't know if you just want to send them with the shoes or send me money.. i don't know if the sunglasses here are any good. Well there is something for you to think about mom. (and I like aviator style the best ;)

Anyway this week was an awesome week sadly "M" was not Baptized this week because of some personal concerns however he still really wants to get baptized so we are helping him solve his concerns. I feel he will be baptized in about 2 weeks. So pray that he may be strengthened.

We taught a very interesting lesson .... let me just say ssssstttrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggge!
(He relayed the experience, still a child of God but has some mental problems)

On a lighter note we taught a family of 4. They really are a sweet family and the Dad is a great father, you don't find that too often here. He actually rescued the woman (now his wife) from a very abusive relationship and took her and her kids in. He is awesome! We really hope to get them to church.

Another great story! My companion finally got to go out teaching with the Elders quorum president. He gets very excited when he teaches. He was a Pentecostal minister for 20 years so he preaches much like one. He kissed his Book of Mormon 6 times during the lesson haha! He is an awesome and super fun to go out with.

We got a ton of new investigators this week including a 3 woman named "D", "A", and "K" so maybe you will hear more about them in the future.

Next week I plan to give you guys a little more information on the slang they use here, it is definitely a whole new language.

Well another great week. Love you! Thank you for all your support and love!!!!

Elder Schroeder

Here is the necklace he was referring to that I made and love to wear!
It's two sided for both of my boys:)

Also, I think Kyle is so thoughtful:) He sent a letter to his Grandma with a small pressed flower enclosed she loved it! I am going to make a necklace for her with the flower in it.
A keepsake, it will be similar to these, so she can wear it.


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