Monday, May 13, 2013


Thanks for all the information about the money and razors and stuff. I got the Razors they were delivered Monday at 2pm my time. Thanks for sending them, they work great! It's nice to have enough to last the whole 2 years.  We have a district meeting every Tuesday at the mission office, that's when I picked them up. Yes, I have met the Monson's they are super nice. We had a car wash over there last p-day and they fed us. To answer the questions about how we contact people here, well when we meet people on the street you say "good day" (or whatever time of the day it is afternoon, night, morning, etc.) and then you say "how are you" or "wheas-da-seen" (if you say the word phonetically as fast as you can you will be saying it correctly) and when you say "wheas-da-seen" you put your hand up in front of you like you would if you yelled "what!" Then you start talking to the person. The people here are generally super nice and basically everyone you try to talk to will stop and listen to you, just out of respect. About a third of the people we talk to are pretty interested in what we have to say. Besides all that the people here are very, very friendly and very inviting. When we approach houses we go up to their front gate and yell "good day inside!" Which seemed a little weird at first. Now, I think knocking on doors would be weird.

We have two new investigators last week. They are the most promising they each love what we have to teach them. One of them we contacted calling into a house, the first time we met her we taught her a 45 minute lesson on the restoration and she loved it. She expressed to us that she wondered why there were so many churches on the earth today an that she had been searching for the one true church. The only sad thing is she doesn't live in our area so we are going to have to hand her off to the zone leaders. The second one is basically is a dream to teach, because she has never really been taught anything about religion, so we got to basically start from square one with her. She loves the lessons and has three kids two of which that are old enough to be baptized also! The last turns 8 at the end of next month. The only thing that is really difficult with the investigators here is getting them to come to church, cause basically everyone works on Sunday :/ which stinks cause it is a requirement for baptism. Those two investigators baptismal date is set for June 1 so hopefully they can come to church. The man I told you about last week is another investigator who is really progressing, he has been fellowshipped by the elders quorum president. He came to church on Sunday and loved it!! His baptismal date is the 25 of this month and it will be in the Ocean. He seems super excited so hopefully he keeps coming to church. It

One quick story on the third day I was here we visited a less active family. After we taught them a lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy they offered us food, so we said yes. They gave my Elder Salima and I huge plates of food we insisted that they eat with us but they said they will eat after, so after blessing it we started to eat. Their little kids probably around 4 and 5 were just hovering around us gawking at us. Elder Salima then yelled outside to the father and said "are your kids hungry" he yelled back saying "they better be they haven't eaten for two days" Elder Salima and I looked at each other with looks of astonishment and since both of the parents were out of the kitchen we promptly handed the food to the kids.

Also one last, thing keep your eyes peeled for a picture of me and my companion in the Ensign or Liahona, basically any church publication. At the baptism this last Saturday an older missionary couple showed up from church publicity. They had us each sign a release form for our pictures and she continued to take about a million pictures of the whole processions but mainly she focused on Elder Salima and I. So, if you see any pictures from Trinidad in church publications look out for me. haha..
 In ward council last week the Bishop talked about the fact the ward needs a disaster plan set up before the end of next week cause we will experience about 10 hurricanes this season... their hurricanes I found out are not really hurricanes, they are just big storms.

I learned some customs here this last week. Whenever people get together in somebodies home for a birthday or something they get a loaf of bread say a prayer holding it in their hands and then break it put honey over it and each person there eats a piece. Also here the people more so eat a small breakfast a very large lunch and a small dinner. I am pretty well used to it... your body feels way better too just saying. here is an interesting fact if you were wondering, there is a steel drum band that plays outside of your apartment pretty much every night. I didn't think that something like that would really happen. haha...

I love you all and it was great getting to see you guys and talk to you on Skype... tell Grandma I love her too.
Maracas Beach P-day

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